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Roatan Tours Excursions welcomes you to warm Caribbean
waters, spectacular vista views and Roatan adventures of a
life time with experienced Island tour guides that are born and
raised here, are bilingual, friendly and the most fun to be with!

Exploring both ends of Roatan Island, East and West , your
Roatan Island guide will help you plan your day to see the best highlights of Roatan with stops based on what YOU choose to do!
Choose from Roatan ziplines, monkey parks, snorkeling, fishing, horseback riding, iguana parks, botanical garden and more!

Whatever Roatan Tour Excursion you choose we will give you a
day on Roatan where you will see most of the Island and please
everyone in your family or group. We are confident in our 100% responsibility to get you back to the Cruise Ship one hour before
your departure time. Please let your personal Roatan Tour Guide know whether we are on the same clock as the ship time.
Your satisfaction is the #1 priority of Roatan Tours Excusion!

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Roatan Tours Excursions

for your Tour Guide.

We are always ON TIME !

Born, raised and educated on Roatan - We know the
customs, traditions, and secret beauties of Roatan.

We are all bilingual, easy to talk with, and experienced.

We know everyone at the tour activities and will
make sure you are well taken care of!

We are Priced Right, have 15 years of experience
and we have FUN!