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When you visit Roatan don't forget to visit Arch's Iguana Farm and Marine Park located in French Key just one miles east of the community of French Harbor. On over 12 acres of beautiful tropical forest, over 4,000 iguanas roam freely in a protected haven. Some grow up to four feet long! Get up close and personal with one of Roatan's most exotic lizards, the Green Iguana
Visitors can pet and feed the friendly reptiles. Feeding time
(10-11am) is one of the best times to handle the iguanas.

Handicap-accessible pathways allow guests to see the iguanas in their natural habitat, swinging in trees, soaking in the sun, munching on vegetables, or burrowing in holes to lay eggs. Visitors can also wander through the jungle paths onto the docks and see the other habitats of Arch' Reserve: monkeys, exotic birds and tarpon fish. All have been rescued or donated to the Reserve.


There are several Eco Projects at Arch's Iguana Farm and
Marine Park. The park staff works hard to reintroduce some of the
iguanas into the wild, helping to keep the island’s ecosystem
strong and providing a cool place to visit on Roatan Island
Once a year, some of the most suitable iguanas are released
back into some of Roatan’s other natural spaces. Staff
members also turn their attention to turtles, a rather fragile species that needs the right conditions in which to thrive at the iguana park.

Adventurous travelers may also take a guided snorkeling or diving tour of the Arch reef, and see the amazing recovery of the lobster
and conch populations due to Arch's successful efforts in
protecting these species from illegal fishing

The entrance fee to Iguana Farm is $8 per person